Equity Brewing Co. is dedicated to creating delicious, inventive beer that is enjoyed by all. 

For us, craft beer is one of life's true pleasures. Yet it can feel inaccessible for many. We want to share our passion for great beer with both beer aficionados and those new to craft brews. Just as we join together unexpected combinations of flavors in our beers, we hope to inspire a more diverse community of beer lovers. 


We believe that everyone should feel welcomed and at home at the craft beer table. We invite you to join our Equity Brewing community. We hope our beers inspire hours of interesting conversation and joyful moments spent with family and friends. 

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Equity is all about value, and at Equity, our values are our guiding star.

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Equity Brewing Company star logo

We created Equity Brewing Co. because we wanted beer that not only tastes great but also promotes positive social change. When you drink an Equity beer, you help create a more supportive, collaborative and inviting community, in craft beer and beyond. 

Raising the bar for creative and enjoyable craft beer while also leveling the playing field for who has access—that’s what we’re all about.  

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Equity Brewing Company—Lifting you up.

We hope that you’ll consider supporting Equity Brewing Co. and our desire to bring diversity and inclusion to craft beer by contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign. Your contribution is invaluable to helping our operations expand so that we can make delicious, imaginative beer that is also accessible. Thank you for supporting craft beer with values!