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Now hiring!

Join our team at Equity behind the bar or in the Equity Kitchen! Apply now for open part-time positions:

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Equity is all about value, and at Equity, our values are our guiding star.

For us, craft beer is one of life's truest pleasures. Equity Brewing Co. was established with the passion to provide beer that not only tastes great but also promotes positive social change. We want to share our passion for great beer with both beer aficionados and those new to craft brews. Everyone should feel welcomed and at home at the craft beer table. Just as we join together unexpected combinations of flavors in our beers, we hope to inspire a more diverse community of beer lovers. 

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Exploding with juicy tropical and candy-like notes with a restrained bitterness for a more delicious hop flavor and aroma.

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A light-bodied, effervescent ale with warm malty flavors and spicy and peppery background. 

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A crisp, sparkling and malty ale that is balanced with German hops to produce a soft, refreshing flavor.

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Be part of the change

Interested in bringing diversity and inclusion to craft beer? Consider donating to our campaign to expand our operations so we can make delicious, imaginative beer accessible to everyone. Your contribution is invaluable to our efforts, so thank you for supporting craft beer with values!

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