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From the beginning...

...a top priority for us at Equity was to create space within our business model to engage and collaborate with a diverse array of community members.


The Equity Trust is committed to developing equity in our team, for our guests, in our community and in society. 

The Trust

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Cultivate a diverse workplace with development opportunities for all and anti-racism training.

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Create an inclusive environment where all guests see themselves represented and feel like they belong.

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Partner with other breweries through our Anti-Racism Pledge.

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Take action to level the playing field and end oppression. 

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Amplify issues surrounding systemic oppression of all kinds.

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Work with philanthropies to support marginalized communities in Norman, Oklahoma.

The Equity Trust helps us achieve the following:


Through the Equity Trust, we will develop a basic framework of proven action items that can be measured and replicated to create sustainable change in the craft beer industry. Other breweries can use this framework to hold themselves accountable and promote equitable growth. 

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Honor and empower the various experiences and perspectives that make us who we are  

Support safe spaces for all

Recognize, respect and value differences

Recognize that good beer has the power to bring together people from all walks of life

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