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The Beers

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A light-bodied, effervescent ale with warm malty flavors and a spicy and peppery background.

ABV 5.5%

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Full-bodied, rich and delicious, this sweet brew features a creamy peanut butter taste with notes of chocolate and coffee.


Not currently available in the taproom. 

ABV 4.2%

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Exploding with juicy tropical and candy-like notes with a restrained bitterness for a more delicious hop flavor and aroma.

ABV 6%

Sidamo Picture 2b.png


A blend of dark roasted malts and fresh roasted coffee beans from Prelude Coffee Roasters, combined with vanilla and a hint of chocolate.  

ABV 4.7%

Kolsch Picture 2b.png


A crisp, clean, easy-drinking ale with a straw-yellow hue similar to a pilsner, but less hoppy and a bit sweeter.

Not currently available on tap.

ABV 6%

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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Lab at Equity Brewing Co. ensures that all beer brewed at Equity is not only contamination-free but also the highest quality, best tasting and most consistent beer possible.


Quality assurance is a step above “quality control.” Rather than waiting for a problem to arise, we take a preemptive approach by having an expert microbiologist monitor our product to guarantee a great end result. QA is an integral part of the daily activities at Equity Brewing Co.


The manager of our QA Lab is Natalie Sullivan. Natalie received her BS and MS in Microbiology from the University of South Florida in Tampa and works at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center as a microbiologist. Before joining Equity’s team, she worked with breweries in Florida to develop their quality measures and monitor their brews. Natalie is a BJCP certified Recognized Beer Judge.   


Because we’re passionate about benefiting our community, our goal as we grow is to make our Quality Assurance Lab available to other area brewers. Learn more about Natalie and our Quality Assurance Lab on our blog.


READ MORE about why having a quality assurance program is essential to creating high-quality beer.

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When a brewery begins to develop and implement quality measures, they are creating a culture that is focused on quality. Everyone embraces this culture by working together, learning the proper tests and parameters of each beer, and making great beer.



As a member you will receive:


  • ​One free 32oz refillable growler

  • One 32oz growler fill

  • Two annual membership gatherings/social events

  • 10% off merchandise

  • Free Equity glass and punchcard for a free beer ​

  • Free 12oz beer on your birthday

All for an annual payment of $100!

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Equity Membership

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