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A Conversation with Max Ferguson, Designer of Three Equity Labels

At Equity, one of the most exciting things we get to do is work with local artists and designers. While we get creative with our beer, designers like Max get creative with their imagery, and we love collaborating and building on each other! Read this blog post to get to know a little about Max, and see our three new amazingly cool labels for Equity beer. Thank you Max for working with us on this project!!

To start, would you give a brief background on yourself?

I am a graphic designer and animator from Hong Kong and the U.K. I received my undergraduate degree in film and design from the University of Oklahoma and am currently working towards a masters degree in animation from the LUCA School of Arts. Outside of work and school, I am a passionate scuba diver and amateur photographer.

What made you interested in design?

The most interesting thing about design for me is the conversation between high art and common everyday functionality. I really enjoyed the fact that my designs would become a part of a public space where people passing by could take as much or as little from it as they wanted. For me, design is quite freeing as it satisfies my personal ego, but also in turn makes me part of a larger world.

What is your overall goal for your design work?

I want people to feel good when they are looking at my designs! I push myself to create something exciting that will stay with people and maybe make them think about the world in a different way. I think that if someone has any sort of reaction to my designs, then that is success for me!

Can you talk a bit about what your inspiration for the Equity beer labels was?

When I was first researching Equity Brewing and reading the mission, I was just struck by the energy I felt behind it! It made me excited to contribute to a team that clearly cared so much about changing the landscape around them. I definitely wanted to create something that reflected and fed into that energy. I also love the creative spirit in the craft brewing world (the sort-of anything-goes mindset) so I wanted to do something a little weird and off-kilter.

What do you want people to know about Equity when they see our labels?

I want people to know that they are in for a good time! I want people to be excited for the taste of the beers, but also to look forward to the friendly and inclusive atmosphere that Equity creates for its customers. I also want people to get a feel for the team-work and community building that Equity strives to keep up!

What was your favorite part of designing the labels?

I loved that I got to use such bright colours. It was very fun for me to create all these eccentric characters and try to match them to the feel of each different beer. It was also very satisfying to draw the loop-de-loop arms; it gave the designs a good flow!

What does the future look like for you in terms of your design work and career?

Hopefully, I have future opportunities to design beer cans as it was such a fun creative experience! I am trying to focus on my animation work for the next couple of years and perhaps move into narrative animation, but I would love to work in both design and animation in the future. I am still continuing my freelance design work on the side of my studies so I am looking forward to whatever my clients will bring to the table!

We hope you're as enthralled with these three new labels as we are!!! Be sure to check out Max's design work on her website here.


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