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Interview: Foundation for Liberating Minds

Originally published in The Equity Star monthly newsletter for our September edition. Sign up for our email list to get more stories, recipes, new announcements, and other fun things sent straight to your inbox!

Equity Brewing Company is so happy to collaborate with our wonderful partners and friends at Foundation for Liberating Minds. We released the Liberation Lager together with FLM originally in June of 2022. This beer is a deliciously crisp Lager flavored with sweet watermelon for the best summer drink. In all our subsequent re-releases, it has been a major hit! We are so grateful for our collaboration with FLM and the work that they do in our community. Check them out at!

Here are some highlights about FLM. Please follow and support them - they are doing amazing things!

Tell us about the beginning of FLM - when you started and why?

In a world of conformity, Alham Carter emerged as a visionary with a fervent desire for change, culminating in the birth of the Foundation for Liberating Minds (FLM). At the heart of FLM lies a distinctive approach to workshops, tailor-made for diverse backgrounds, fostering deep comprehension of pressing global issues and igniting a zeal for liberation. Beyond workshops, Alham's radical dream was to establish a school transcending norms, prioritizing community needs, well-being, and nurturing the next generation of change-makers. The pivotal moment arrived in a vivid dream on June 16, 2017, propelling Alham to realize his life's purpose. With the support of Tevin and aurelius, FLM's transformative journey began, fueled by passion and a growing family of like-minded individuals committed to turning dreams into reality.

What is your purpose?

At the heart of the Foundation for Liberating Minds (FLM) lies a radical dream, an unwavering commitment to empower and liberate marginalized, oppressed, and colonized peoples. This dream is grounded in the belief that political, decolonized education serves as the foundational bedrock for a liberated consciousness. As such, our purpose is to provide this very foundation, igniting a transformative journey towards true liberation.

What are some of your activities?

FLM's educational praxis is a three-fold embodiment of its purpose. Through trainings and workshops, FLM seeks to impart knowledge that challenges existing paradigms and fosters critical thinking. Community-based programming is designed to create spaces of empowerment, where individuals can coalesce, exchange ideas, and collectively challenge societal norms. And at the pinnacle of this praxis is FLM's first large-scale Radical Dream: The Liberation School, a sanctuary where education becomes the instrument of empowerment, enabling individuals to reclaim their narratives and embrace their potential. Our ongoing initiatives consist of We, the Eastside (WEI), a community-oriented solution group dedicated to empowering economic and social prosperity for Eastside OKC, and 1 in 2, a storytelling campaign to highlight the impact of incarceration on individuals and their loved ones.

What are your organization's hopes and dreams?

Dreaming is at the root of Foundation for Liberating Minds. We are fueled by a profound mission - to dismantle the very root causes of oppression and marginalization through the transformative power of education. FLM envisions an equitable world where every individual, regardless of their background, can access education that nurtures not only their minds but also their spirits. By challenging conventional norms and narratives, FLM aspires to cultivate a future where liberation is the common thread weaving through the tapestry of society.

Why collaborate with Equity?

We forged a meaningful partnership with Equity Brewing, driven by a shared vision of driving positive social change. Equity Brewing strongly identified with our mission to nurture diversity and inclusivity within the community. Within the welcoming ambiance of the Equity taproom, the Liberation Lager was born as a result of our collaboration, embodying our commitment to transformative education and empowerment. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to connecting with like-minded entities, as a portion of draft sales from these collaborative beers directly bolsters the respective organizations' efforts. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Equity Brewing for being an exceptional partner and eagerly anticipate a future illuminated by collaborative endeavors.

How can people get involved? 

At the core of the Foundation for Liberating Minds (FLM) lies a resolute dedication to our people. Our initiatives and programming are meticulously crafted to revolve around our community's needs, whether they reside in Oklahoma or share our like-minded vision from across the globe. Our focus is clear: to provide a platform that amplifies voices and extends unwavering support to those who deserve it most. We welcome individuals to become an integral part of our movement. Signing up for our monthly newsletter is the first step toward joining our collective journey. Stay informed about the latest FLM developments, legislative updates, and the impactful work we're doing within our community. Follow us on our socials to witness all our impactful work including WEI gatherings, 1 in 2 video drops, and collaborations with other community-based organizations. FLM is a movement fueled by people, for people. It's a collective effort to uplift, empower, and create change. By engaging with us through our newsletter and social media, you become an integral part of this movement - a driving force behind the transformation we seek to achieve, both locally and globally. Join us, stand with us, and let's pave the path toward a liberated future, hand in hand. You can follow Foundation for Liberating Minds on Instagram: @foundation4lm

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