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A Beer in the Life

Originally published in The Equity Star monthly newsletter for our July edition. Sign up for our email list to get more stories, recipes, new announcements, and other fun things sent straight to your inbox!

Anyone who has been to Equity Brewing, or sampled our beer around town, knows that our beer names intentionally reflect our values. From the Solidarity Saison and Unapologetic Pale Ale to The People’s Porter and Collective Action Kölsch, Equity’s commitment to social, political and economic justice and the ways we can achieve it are evident. We’ve also had some fun with our beer names -- the Don’t Call Me Sweetheart Sour, Red Whine IPA, and Killer Queens Dragonfruit Cream Ale are just a few examples. For our second anniversary, we wanted to brew two special beers that reflected our two-year experience of building a brewery, as well as communicate our continued commitment to Equity’s values. As a brewer and beer drinker, I love clean German beers, as well as complex Belgian ales. German beer was my first love, thanks to my Grandfather Hoff’s German heritage. In fact, I created the Collective Action Kölsch for him. But for our anniversary, I wanted to turn to one of my current favorites - the Munich Helles. Two Helles and Back is a crisp, clean and crushable (as the dudes say) lager that I dry hopped with Hallertauer for just a bit of bitterness - because building a brewery is definitely a bitter road to hell in many ways! The challenges we have faced over the past two years have been immense, but we are still standing and showing up - every day - to do the work and live up to the vision that Equity is all about. Are we all the way back from hell(es)? I’m not sure. But we hope we will be soon! Also in honor of two years, we wanted to offer a Belgian Dubbel called Dubbel Down. This beer is a slightly sweet and malty brew with flavors of toasted caramel and a touch of cocoa. And as you might guess, the name indicates we are doubling down on our mission to shake things up in the brewing industry and beyond! We hope you’ll join us for our anniversary celebrations and enjoy our newest beers. We can’t wait to see you for one Helles of a Dubbel fun time!


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