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Beer-view Mirror

Originally published in The Equity Star monthly newsletter for our July edition. Sign up for our email list to get more stories, recipes, new announcements, and other fun things sent straight to your inbox!

It’s hard to believe that Equity Brewing Company is two years old. We made it to the toddler stage! Just like the first couple of years of anything – a partnership, a child, a business – you can’t help but have this dual feeling: that two years just flew by AND it’s been a very long and drawn out experience! Indeed, this is how we feel at Equity Brewing – it’s been a fast-moving whirlwind AND a lot of long, hard days stretching on for what seems like forever. I guess that means we are just right where we should be!

In celebration of our first two years, we thought we would look back over baby’s scrapbook (meaning brew logs) for a bit of beerflection. Here’s what we found:

  • We have brewed 347 barrels of beer on our little one barrel Spike Brewing nano brew system.

  • We have brewed 94 different beers and 29 different seltzers, and one out of every three barrels brewed has been a different style and/or flavor. That’s a lot of recipe creation and experimentation!

  • 34 of the 347 barrels have been collaborations with other breweries, nonprofit organizations, artists, and nation-wide movements.

  • We have collaborated with breweries in four states – Oklahoma, Texas, Florida and Maryland.

  • We have participated in three national collaborations to raise awareness about sexism in the brewing industry, domestic violence, and reproductive justice.

  • We raised funds to support war relief in Ukraine, access to abortion in the United States, and various local causes, such as food security, racial justice education, child abuse awareness, menstrual equity, Latinx programming, and support for the unhoused.

  • We have donated $9,830 in cash and product to organizations throughout our community that are doing amazing work. And we hope to continue providing even more as we grow forward!

We are so grateful for all of our partners and collaborators – and for all of our friends and guests. We couldn’t have done any of this without you!! Now that we have passed the baby steps phase of brewery life, we are looking forward to staying on our feet and learning to run (like running our new little canning line!). Please stick around and join us as we continue to fill Equity Brewing’s scrapbook. YOU are a big part of Equity’s milestones and we can’t wait to continue growing together!


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