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Meet Liquid Intrusion Brewing Co, the brewery that came from MD to collaborate with us in OK.

At Equity, one of our favorite things about beer is the potential to collaborate with other brewers around the nation and world, and we were extremely lucky to meet and become friends with Jasmine and Drew, the owners of Liquid Intrusion Brewing Co in Maryland! This husband and wife brewing duo dreams of being the first Black-owned brewery in Prince George's County, MD, and, like us, their beer is backed by a mission: to come together for a beer and make this world a better place. We're so lucky to have had Jasmine, Drew, and Mike fly out to OK from MD to brew two special beers with us, and we cannot wait for the future collaborations to come! Thank you so much to Liquid Intrusion for sharing the collaborative spirit and becoming our fast friends!

Try the Liquid Equity NEIPA and the First But Not Last Blackberry Witbier at our 1st (but not last!) anniversary party on July 1 & 2! We can't wait to share these beers and the story of our partnership with these awesome people with you this weekend. Read on to learn more about Liquid Intrusion, and may the liquid always prevail!

The Equity Brewing and Liquid Intrusion Brewing teams on brew day in the taproom at Equity.

Can you give a brief background on yourselves and why you started Liquid Intrusion?

We are a husband and wife brewery in planning in Brandywine, Maryland. Jasmine is in the IT field as a Quality Assurance Specialist for the local online university and Andrew is a manager for a wholesale HVAC company after being in the service industry for many years. We got started on our path of brewing during the beginning of the pandemic. Jasmine was working from home, but at that time, Andrew was a general manager for a Belgian-inspired beer bar, so he was laid off at that time. To us, the pandemic was somewhat of a twisted gift because we were able to tap into many talents that we may not have previously had time for. Andrew has extensive experience in serving, selling, distributing, and presenting beer, but learning to brew it was the final bullet point on his checklist. He was graciously gifted the entire homebrew set from the family of a US Air Force veteran who recently passed. We played around with a few recipes just to get used to the equipment, shared them with friends and family and we surprisingly received positive feedback from everyone. We tried to be hard on them to be as critical as they could be since we didn't want them to be nice to us. After a while, we realized that we had a gem on our hands. With this, we decided to join together in building an empire!

What types of beer do you brew?

We brew four that we call our Core Four:

South of DC Cream Ale 5% ABV - Easy drinking and approachable for everyone. This is our liquid that we want to help put Southern MD on the map. Pairs well with finger foods and sporting events too. Lemongrass Saison 7% ABV - Dry full-bodied mouth feel with strong yeast-like characteristics. Pairs well with seafood and flaked fish. This Liquid can also be used to cook your seafood as well. The African Queen and Her 7 C’s IPA 6% ABV - Drew wrote the recipe and couldn't get the flavor corrected, but Jasmine stepped in and put a woman's touch on the liquid to make our hop bomb with notes of stone fruit and citrus. Pairs well with spicy dishes, tacos and BBQ. Plum Basil Farmhouse Ale 9% ABV - Our most complex of our Core Four! Notes of plum, earthy basil and finishes with a slight lemony tartness on the back end. Pairs well with hearty dishes.

What made you want to collaborate with Equity and fly all the way to Oklahoma to brew beer together?

Here at LIBCo, we always say it doesn't matter who you are or what your background is; it's all about the liquid and if we stay true to that, may the liquid always prevail! Equity's and LIBCo's values definitely aligned so we had to make this a legendary collaboration.

Can you talk a little bit about the two collaboration beers and the significance of their names: Liquid Equity and First But Not Last?

With Liquid Equity, it was a no-brainer. Since it was a collaboration, we wanted to show our names being joined together as one to showcase great liquid. With First But Not Last, it's a lovely play on words in many ways! Equity is the first Woman-owned brewery in Oklahoma, but hopefully not the last, LIBCo aspires to be the first Black-owned brick and mortar in our county (Prince George's Co.), but hopefully not the last, and lastly, it will be released on Equity's first anniversary, but hopefully not the last! As a brewery in planning, what does the future look like for Liquid Intrusion?

At this moment, we are in the waiting period of having our licenses approved with the state of Maryland. Once we get our approval, we are hitting the ground running! We plan to hit the market with our African Queen and Her 7 C's IPA via contract brewing. We plan to market and release each liquid at a timeline of 6-12 months apart and hopefully, within the next 3-5 years, we plan to open our own brick and mortar in our county.

Are there some ways that Equity beer drinkers can support you all the way from Oklahoma?

We are currently selling stickers! With your sticker purchase, you'll receive a complimentary Core Four, a lifetime discount that is good to use for any goods no matter where LIBCo is, a signed comic book from Drew's collection that you can be used to "cash" in for a free item once the brick and mortar is open, and a signed thank you note with descriptions of the Core Four. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook at "Liquid Intrusion Brewing Company" as well as Instagram and Twitter @libco2021 to see all of what we are up to.

And finally, what did you think of your visit to Oklahoma?

We absolutely loved our visit! The locals were very friendly and it was nice to finally meet and speak with the Maryland natives that moved to Oklahoma. We loved the food, the breweries, the weather and the sunsets. Hannah and Suzette were such gracious hostesses and we cannot say thank you enough!! We can't wait to plan our next visit.

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