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Sipping Statement: HoffBrew Festbier Oktoberfest

Originally published in The Equity Star monthly newsletter for our October edition. Sign up for our email list to get more stories, recipes, new announcements, and other fun things sent straight to your inbox!

It's October!! Which means Oktoberfest is here. At Equity, we love Oktoberfest beer, and if you read our previous Sipping Statement about the Collective Action Kölsch, you will know why! But, I'll tell you again. 🙂 It was my Grandpa Hoff that introduced me to beer (when I was 12). Of course, Grandpa loved to chat about German brews and the season of Oktoberfest. He would reflect on his trip to the Hofbräuhaus in Munich and the copious amounts of light and refreshing Festbier you

could consume in a sitting. Years later I also traveled to Munich to experience my own taste of the famous Hofbräuhaus brews (and soft pretzels!), and enjoyed a chicken dance or two while I was at it. I may have even scored a large HB stein as I exited the premises, but I will neither confirm or deny (wink). I don't think it is a coincidence that it was in the month of October (of 2019) that I began dreaming about and planning the future of Equity Brewing Company. October is our season as well, and our Hoffbrew Festbier (named affectionately for Grandpa Hoff and our love of the Hofbräuhaus) is a must have. Grab some while it lasts, clink a glass, and yell Prost like a pro!


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